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Garin Cael - Syllabus Summer School 2010 Collections Management.pdf

A course on general collections management, from the field to the database. Given at the EDIT Summer School 2010 in Madeira.

Garin Cael
SMNS Sammlungsstandards Handbuch

This document describes all the collection related procedures we follow at the State Museum of Natural History in Stuttgart, southwestern Germany.


Über dieses Handbuch
Dieses Dokument ist ein Handbuch zu verbindlichen Standards und Praktiken der
Sammlungsarbeit am Museum. Es beschreibt praktische Aspekte dieser Arbeit, wie
Grundlagen des Sammlungserwerbs, Inventarisierung, optimale Sammlungslagerung, Leihe
und Verleih von Sammlungsobjekten sowie die digitale Erschließung der Sammlungen im
„Sammlungsregister und -inventar“.
Dieses Dokument wird regelmäßig revidiert und aktualisiert.
01. August 2009
1. Ausgabe
Staatliches Museum für Naturkunde Stuttgart
Forschungsmuseum Am Löwentor und Schloss Rosenstein
Rosenstein 1
70191 Stuttgart
Ph +49 (0)711/8936-0
Fax +49 (0)711/8936-100
Email museum.smns@naturkundemuseum-bw.de

Johanna Eder
Pest Notification Form

A form to report via intranet any sign of pest infection, so staff in charge can take action as soon as possible. Afterwards forms can be used to updat pest logbook, and to assess infections on a regular base. This form is in Dutch, but if anyone is interested, I can try to get it translated.

Used in Naturalis, Leiden

Tiny Monquil
First Workshop of Directors of Collections Leiden 2008

Report of the First Workshop of EDIT Directors of Collections Leiden 2008

Christiane Quaisser, Leo Kriegsman, René Dekker 2008
GBIF 2008 Digitisation of Natural History Collections Data

Permission to copy and/or distribute all or part of the information contained herein is

granted, provided that such copies carry due attribution to the Global Biodiversity

Information Facility (GBIF).

Recommended citation:

Global Biodiversity Information Facility. 2008. GBIF Training Manual 1: Digitisation of History Collections Data, version 1.0. Copenhagen: Global Biodiversity Information Facility.

Submitted by Peter Giere, Museum fuer Naturkunde Berlin.

Global Biodiversity Information Facility 2008

This powerpoint gives an outline for Integrated Pest Management: risks, taxa, pesticides and techniques, preventive conservation.

Peter Giere 2009
SMNS Sammlungsstandards - Appendices

In this file you will find outlines of the procedures and forms we use to curate our collections at the State Museum of Natural History in Germany including digitization rules, environmental conditions for the different types of collections, collection care including pest management,  special collections (i.e. tissue), emergency plan when freezers fail, standards for labeling specimens, loans (commercial and non-commercial) and fees. We tried to cover all the different types of collections in this document (i.e. botany, zoology, entomology, paleontology). The document is updated when needed.

Johanna Eder, Jutta Eymann, Friederike Woog 2009
Common Principles for research Loans between natural History Collections

EDIT Common Principles for research Loans between natural History Collections

CPB 2010
International exchange of scientific material - legal hurdles and other obstacles

Summary on recent import issues when importing scientific research materials to the EU, covering EU customs & veterinary legislation and carrier related problems during import

Dirk Neumann 2010
Shipping Workshop 5-6 May 2011

Information flyer for workshop held at ZFMK in Bonn earlier in 2011

Dirk Neumann 2011