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Acquisitie schouwrapport 3'13

A form to fill in while visiting a private collection someone wants to donate or sell. Tool to assess the quality of the offered collection. To report to the acquisition committee, who will advice head of Collection Yes or No to achieve.

Used in Naturalis, Leiden.

Language: Dutch

Tiny Monquil 2012
Care and conservation of geological specimens
This leaflet provides information about the care of geological collections and how to prevent, notice
and manage any problems that may arise. Published June 2013.
NatSCA & ICON 2012
Common Principles for research Loans between natural History Collections

EDIT Common Principles for research Loans between natural History Collections

CPB 2010
Digitisation-guide: A strategic approach for natural history collections.

This booklet is submitted by Peter Giere, Museum fuer Naturkunde Berlin.

Bryan Kalms 2012
Enriched + checked existing documentation in original language (website) D11 – Deliverable 7.2.3


This deliverable presents the work that has been done over the last months in identifying, checking, analysing, and enriching existing documentation. “Existing documentation” means documents, handbooks, descriptions, published information as text, video, or as slides from projects, networks or institutions that have a direct connection to the aims and means of the OpenUp! project – like Europeana, GBIF, BioCASe and TDWG – and thus have a direct value for the members of the consortium. But also a great number of documents have been taken into account, which are interesting for the biodiversity information and digital library domains in general. The chapter “Documentation Sources” describes the sources of these documentations and gives background information on the projects, networks, and institutions.

​See: Annex - Enriched + checked existing documentation in original language (website) D11 – Deliverable 7.2.3

Boris Jacob, Janno Jõgeva, James Davy, Franck Theeten, A.-S. Archambeau, Pere Roca Ristol, Hanna Koivula, Patricia Mergen 2012
EU-CoM (London 06/2012) Collection Seminars

A description of the history and functions of EU-CoM, mid 2012.

Garin Cael 2012
First Workshop of Directors of Collections Leiden 2008

Report of the First Workshop of EDIT Directors of Collections Leiden 2008

Christiane Quaisser, Leo Kriegsman, René Dekker 2008
Freezing for disinfection, what and when

A diagram to check  what, if, when collection pieces need to be disinfected by freezing or otherwise. It is in Dutch, if anyone thinks it interesting I will see how to get it translated.

Tiny Monquil 2012
Garin Cael - Syllabus Summer School 2010 Collections Management.pdf

A course on general collections management, from the field to the database. Given at the EDIT Summer School 2010 in Madeira.

Garin Cael
GBIF 2008 Digitisation of Natural History Collections Data

Permission to copy and/or distribute all or part of the information contained herein is

granted, provided that such copies carry due attribution to the Global Biodiversity

Information Facility (GBIF).

Recommended citation:

Global Biodiversity Information Facility. 2008. GBIF Training Manual 1: Digitisation of History Collections Data, version 1.0. Copenhagen: Global Biodiversity Information Facility.

Submitted by Peter Giere, Museum fuer Naturkunde Berlin.

Global Biodiversity Information Facility 2008